Experience + Strategy + Network = Results

Strategic Planning

We consult for pre-FDA to medium-sized manufacturers that are planning to launch a new product or expanding into a new orthopedic space. Our team will help you strategize the best plan of action to reach your goals.

Positioning Early-stage Orthopedic Medical Device Companies for Growth

Our goal with every client is to position each project with long-term goals in mind.  We make sure the commercialization platform is scalable to meet future growth.

Comprehensive Strategic Playbook

We design an optional industry playbook for our clients. This tool provides them with insights into the current market analysis, competition, sales outlook, gap & SWOT analysis.  The playbook also includes a strategic commercialization plan that was developed according to their needs and goals.

Executive Sales Leadership

This service can be used in conjunction with distributor recruitment. Our experience in sales management along with our large network gives our clients the opportunity to ramp sales quickly. 

Strategic Marketing Guidance

For assistance with marketing materials and strategies trust none other than our experienced team. We help our clients by creating materials such as VAC packets, product brochure drafts, social media ADs, and training modules. Our clients will also receive marketing guidance on strategic product messaging. 

KOL/Surgeon Engagement

We can help clients get connected with surgeons in the orthopedic space. Surgeon champions can give input on our client's current products and help support our clients as product champions.

IDN Contract Assistance

Getting products approved at the IDN level can be time-consuming and may discourage new distributors. Let us provide the support you need. With our team assisting in VAC meetings and compiling correct documentation, contracts can be facilitated much sooner.

Venture Capital Consulting

If your a Venture Capital firm looking to invest within the orthopedic medical device space, first utilize our orthopedic med-device expertise to consult you on current market trends and industry insights.

Pricing Strategies

We can formulate a strategic price plan through investigational data. Additionally, we can propose stock/bill distributor pricing and bundling strategies.

Distributor Recruitment and Development

Our company has a vast distributor and executive network. Utilizing our connections and our own database from, we find the best distributors in designated regions to fit your needs. 


Each project is composed of 2 stages

 1- Discovery

The discovery stage is where our consultants gather and research key information in constructing a scalable strategic commercialization plan. The discovery stage is usually completed in the first month of the project unless an optional strategic playbook is needed. This stage is a collaborative effort in constructing KPI's, timelines and project demographics.

2- Execution

The execution stage consists of meeting all deliverables within their designated timeline. Real-time project updates are available via Smartsheet portal to all of our clients. With initial weekly calls and open communication via the portal, there is never a question of where the project stands.

Launch Your Company to Success

We would love to partner with your early-stage orthopedic medical device company. Contact us today, and let's start discussing how ADEPT Orthopedic Executives can help you reach your commercialization goals.

To schedule a conference call, please send us a message at [email protected] or call our toll free number +1 877-647-4708 .

We look forward to partnering with you.